Agency // December 28, 2012

Year’s 5 Best Print Advertisements

After surfing the web and stumbling upon many "Best of 2012" lists, I have found my top 5 favorite print advertisements from 2012. 

Thoughts // December 20, 2012

Maryland Loves Logos

Why is Maryland the best state to live in? Because of the eye-catching logos us Marylanders create!

Labs // December 17, 2012

Setting an active link using a Macro in Laravel

A useful macro for injecting an active class into a link in Laravel.

Agency // December 14, 2012

Best Christmas Ads of All Time

How do you lighten up your holiday season? With a little humor, of course! 

Agency // December 13, 2012

Put On Your Glasses, Printing Goes 3D.

Printing has gone to the next level, and is now producing 3D prints.