July 25, 2014 // Ozioma Onyekwere

4 Fun Ways to Advertise during the Summer

Ah, the middle of summer -- a perfect time to enjoy a margarita and take a walk on the beach, which is probably what your customers are doing right now. Many businesses expect a slight decrease in revenue during these popular vacation months. But, if you didn’t plan ahead for a slow season, don’t freak out -- it’s not too late to generate new business.

Here are a four easy tips to increase sales during the summer:

  1. Build brand awareness by aligning your business with local summer events and activities in your area. When a 5k run comes through town, consider being a sponsor and offer free merchandise to runners for a double-branding opportunity.
  2. Create buzz on social media for an exclusive summer promotion. Offer a special deal to clients that subscribe to your enewsletter. Grow your database while developing relationships.
  3. Target different customers to open the door to new business. If you own a restaurant or a hotel and you typically focus on families, try hosting a business lunch-and-learn or networking event to show off your space and widen your existing clientele.
  4. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. While everyone is out and about enjoying the weather, why not throw your own gig? Hold a cookout, bonfire or pool party to connect with other business owners and potential customers.

Get out there, make friends and have fun! 

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