November 19, 2014 // Adam Dorsey

Google Announces SEO and Web Design Game Changer

At Piccirilli Dorsey, we’ve certainly seen an uptick in the demand for responsive websites, which provide a quality user experience on all mobile devices, as well as desktop platforms. Yesterday, Google announced a change to its crawling and indexing methodologies that we believe will significantly accelerate the shift to mobile-friendly sites and soon impact your website’s search engine ranking.

Google announced that they are tagging websites that are mobile friendly. Specifically, they are adding a “mobile-friendly” label to any search results listing that meets their newly-established, specific criteria, conveying a favored status.

The search engine giant, which will implement the change globally over the next few weeks, said that their goal is to help mobile device users have a better online experience. From our industry perspective, however, this move portends major shifts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website design. Google inevitably will begin using your website’s mobile device friendliness as the basis for search rankings. That means that mobile-optimized/responsive websites will soon be a must.

To help you prepare for the future, Google is offering a test where you can insert your URL to see if your website meets its mobile-friendly criteria.

In addition, we are making ourselves available to answer your questions about the impact of Google’s actions on your website and to offer advice on upgrading your website to earn the new “mobile-friendly” label.

Please don’t hesitate to post your questions or comments below.

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