April 25, 2014 // Adam Dorsey

Honesty - We Highly Recommend It

A bill called the Truth in Advertising Act (TIAA) of 2014 (H.R. 4341) was introduced in Congress last month, asking the Federal Trade Commission to develop a "regulatory framework" for ads that significantly change the faces and bodies of the people in them using Photoshop or other methods. Those behind the TIAA see this practice as a public health issue because of potential emotional, mental and physical health impact on the public, especially girls, teens and women. 

We think the best solution would be for advertisers and the ad industry to regulate themselves and simply advertise honestly. There’s no threat to creative expression or freedom of speech in telling the truth. At Piccirilli Dorsey, we treat each other and our clients with honesty and integrity, and we highly recommend it to others.

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