September 16, 2014 // Micah Piccirilli

Is There a Place for Print in the Digital Age?

Have you noticed? Some businesses are no longer using printed marketing materials. At all. They’re replacing brochures with YouTube videos and laptop presentations, or they’re foregoing printed newsletters and annual reports in favor of adding content to their websites. The print to digital conversion is so pervasive, IKEA recently released a satirical video, Experience the power of a bookbook™, showcasing its latest real-live ink-on-paper catalog as something downright revolutionary.  


Since some of our clients are asking if there is a place for print marketing in the Digital Age, I’m taking this opportunity to answer that question with a resounding YES! Until technology produces something better, there is a place for print.

At Piccirilli Dorsey we believe that there always will be a need for a tangible way of representing a product, service or business. People like to hold something in their hands. What’s more, seeing is believing. For lots of people, there are times when only some form of three-dimensional, physical evidence will convince them to choose your product, service or business over another.

The most obvious example of the power of print is the ubiquitous business card. It is a fundamental statement of professional identity and credibility. Exchanging business cards is like shaking hands. As an introduction, it can establish a relationship between two people; as a parting gesture, it reinforces that relationship and paves the way for continuing it.

Another example of print marketing with staying power is direct mail. Some of our clients continue to benefit from proactively targeting prospects with direct mail, especially when used in conjunction with online advertising, website SEO or other marketing tactics. A well crafted direct mail piece that is part of a larger branding program complements the other marketing and can help bring attention to a need, offer a solution for fulfilling it, or increase momentum around a client’s website or brick-and-mortar business. We’ve also noticed that the shift to digital marketing, ironically, has given direct mail marketing an unintentional advantage. Since most people now receive less “snail mail,” using direct mail actually can increase a business’s chances of getting its message noticed by its target audience.

Depending on the nature of your product, service or business, as well as your message, goals and audience, you still may want to include print in your strategic marketing mix. As with all marketing tactics, however, only careful analysis and evaluation of your unique circumstances can determine what will work best for you.

If you’re wondering if or where print fits into your marketing strategy, give Piccirilli Dorsey a call at 410-819-6780 or view some of our recent branding and print design.

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