December 20, 2012 // Micah Piccirilli

Maryland Loves Logos

The creative names, crazy characters, and out-of-this-world symbols and shapes all bring a company’s logo to life. Check out these logos, all found around Maryland:


The first Baltimore Ravens logo was designed when Frederick E. Bouchat faxed his sketch to the Maryland Stadium Authority when he discovered Baltimore was given an NFL team. The logo is a shield with the letter “B” in the middle and flanked by wings. It was illegally used by the Ravens from 1996 through 1998... the Ravens never gave Frederick credit or ca$h for his design, resulting in a whole bunch of court appearances!


First brewed in 1885 by the National Brewing Company in Baltimore, Maryland, Natty Boh became Baltimore’s official beer. Mr. Boh is the iconic face of the brand with his one-eye and handle-bar mustache and distinctive smile. Pabst Brewing Company now owns the company, but Mr. Boh still keeps watch over his city from his Natty Boh Tower. Natty Boh, it’s what Baltimore drinks!


After 138 years of horse races, the Maryland Jockey Club thought it was about time to get a new logo. The re-designed official logo encompasses the Pimlico horse with a “checkerboard” pattern on the bottom that mimics the Maryland flag. Giddy up Pimlico, let the horse races begin!


The flag that we all love…and many get tattoos of. The designer nor the date of origin is not certain for the Maryland flag, although there was some type of banner with this design on it in October 1880. The flag incorporates four quadrants that alternate between the yellow-and-black Calvert arms and the red-and-white Crossland arms. You must admit, we do have the best lookin’ state flag.

...last but not least:


Do you see the "P" and "D"... the "P" for Piccirili and the "D" for Dorsey!  The logo mimics conversation bubbles to represent that we are not only social butterflies, but we also work closely and diligently with eachother and our clients to ensure the best results.

Want a logo like the ones you see in this blog post? Contact us today and we will give you the fresh start you're looking for in the new year.

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