May 12, 2014 // Adam Dorsey

Mobile Technology Increases In-person Shopping

We have yet to see the full extent to which mobile technology, including smartphones and tablet computers, will transform Americans' lives. However, Gallop's article For Many, Mobile Technology Increasing Retail Shopping by Jeffery M. Jones offers us a glimpse of the effect that mobile technology has had on in-person retail shopping. Those 18 to 29 years of age indicated a 29% increase in their shopping at retail stores with a decrease of 15%. Interestingly, those 50-64 indicate a 17% increase and 20% decrease of their in-person shopping. Even while online sales increase, many customers claim that mobile technology has let to an increase in their shopping at retail stores.

The Gallup article states, "presumably, those who are shopping more in person may be looking up products online and then buying them in person. Or, they may have been prompted to go to a local store by a sale or special offer sent by email, text message, or social networking site to their smartphone or tablet." 

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