February 05, 2013 // Micah Piccirilli

Ravens Win The Super Bowl!

After 12 years, the Vince Lombardi Trophy is back in Baltimore and we couldn't be any more ecstatic. Come on, did you see this morning's parade!? From Destiny's Child popping out of nowhere [literally], power outages, brother rivalry and Joe Flacco being named M.V.P, this Super Bowl has been one to remember.

Reflecting back on the 34-31 victory over the 49ers in New Orleans last Sunday, it was interesting to take a look at the outrageous number of tweets and 'likes' on social media sites (which all occured within the NFL record-long game of 4 hours and 14 minutes).

Following the game, tweets came in from Baltimore Ravens fans, other NFL players and ex-coaches:

Coach Billick Congrats Ravens On Win

Yes, Twitter was a big hit, especially with the amount of 'hashtagging' that was going on. During the break, many commercials had a #WORD at the end of their ads. This was excellent advertising as it grabbed the attention of their audience and got them talking about their company. I bet you #hashtagged your favorite commercial; I hashtagged #Clydesdales because I was in love with Budweiser's commercial.

Facebook also played a key role during the game. It is interesting to note that Facebook was only mentioned 4 times throughout this year's Super Bowl, automatically dropping 50% from 2012. Although, fans did log into their FB accounts and 'liked' companies. For example, Blackberry was ranked #1 for new fans totaling 431,094 during the game alone. 

Social media networks, like Twitter and Facebook, played a huge role during the Super Bowl XLVII commercials. Although, I begin to wonder what social networking site is more powerful to use while advertising: Twitter or Facebook? Let me know your thoughts.

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