March 06, 2013 // Micah Piccirilli

The Wearable Battle Is On!

Google has built glasses that alert you of your daily reminders, dictates text messages and sends emails to your inpatient co-workers. Apple is currently building a smartwatch that lets you see who is texting or calling you, counts how many steps you have taken in a day, and even takes high-definition pictures.

Both devices are obviously created to be worn on the body, have the ability to interact with the Internet, and are able to give you directions to your whereabouts. Pretty cool, right?

Listed below are some differences between the Google Glasses and iWatch.

The Google Glasses (aka Project Glasses)
  • - Let's state the obvious: they are glasses
  • - Photos and videos can be live-streamed, and taken anywhere
  • - You can check up on your local [or national] weather forecast
  • - Estimated price is less than $1,500 and you must go through an application process


The iWatch
  • - Counts your steps and has sensors for monitoring health-related data
  • - You can make phone calls or boss Siri around
  • - It has a long battery life and is waterproof
  • - Estimated price to be $200-300



Would you rather walk around with a snap bracelet or rock futurist glasses?

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