September 03, 2014 // Tyler O'Donnell

Today’s Essential Web Development Practices

Even the most highly-skilled web developers agree, if you want to be the best, you have to stay on the cutting edge of current trends.

  1. Build on a solid platform. Say goodbye to Flash. Websites built on it are now obsolete because current web crawlers and indexing tools don’t respond to it. Nor does Flash work on today’s mobile devices. Instead, choose HTML5, Jquery or AngularJS for your website.
  2. Keep heights and widths flexible. Screens sizes vary for every device, and setting fixed heights and widths in your website code restrain your content. Instead, keep heights and widths flexible for responsive design that will make your website attractive, readable and effective on any device.
  3. Focus on content. To be really successful, a website must offer a unique and engaging user experience while also delivering great content. As a developer, focus on presenting content clearly, rather than adding trendy animations or superficial graphic elements. Less is more.
  4. Make your CSS modular. Create your CSS in stand-alone modules to make it cleaner and more scalable.  Moreover, modular code is reusable code, which eliminates the need for repetition, saving you time and work. In short, abide by the D.R.Y. Principle. (Don’t Repeat Yourself.)

By applying these current practices in your web development process, you'll be coding for success. At Piccirilli Dorsey, we make it a priority to stay up-to-date on modern technologies in order to create modern websites for our clients. 

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