January 14, 2013 // Micah Piccirilli

Zuckerberg Does It Again

Mark Zuckerberg has finally listened to the many complaints of his many users and revamped the Facebook app [which is about time since 99% of us only access the network through our smartphones anyway]. The mobile app now resembles the desktop browser version of Facebook.

The question is, what has Zuckerberg actually changed in the app?

SharingYou can now steal, I mean repost, those amazing photos and links right onto your own timeline. You status can also be shared and you can even tag your friends in a post. Privacy is key for this feature; you can control who can see your post – Everyone, Friends, Only Me and any friends lists that you created on your account.

Emoticons: When you send your friends private messages, those cute emoticons come along with it! To see the menu of adorable smiley-faces, tap + while composing a message. You can even send those kissy faces Mark Zuckerberg's way in a message to his personal inbox for only... $100! 

News FeedAll those streaming updates from your Facebook friends can now (thank God!) be sorted. The Top Stories and Most Recent feeds will be sorted so those who you interact with the most will appear on the top, while those randos from high school will float right on down to the bottom.

GiftsWhen it is your best friend’s birthday, you can send her a present while paying for it with your credit card by clicking on the new Gift button just below their name. After doing that, simple flip through the catalog and pick out a gift; we promise your friends will just love it!

PhotosA Make Profile Picture option is FINALLY available. No more running to your desktop computer to make that picture of you and your bestie into your profile picture! All you have to do is press and hold the picture to bring up the command. You can also upload more than 1 photo at a time by tapping each one so you can upload them all together. Photo Sync also allows you to keep some images private so you can go back later to share them on your timeline.

ChatThe chat is more conversation-oriented. To start a chat, tap the icon in the upper corner of the app. A list will appear of all your friends that are currently online to chat (green dot) or can chat via phone (phone icon). 

Do you think these changes will make a different to the social networking website we all love and charish? Let us know what you think. I am loving the emoticons!!!

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